IEXPAY provides users with a closed-loop payment platform that allows them to perform online cash transfers safely and securely through their authorized email. For the benefit of our users, we set inexpensive and highly affordable transaction and administrative fees. Additionally, we utilize the use of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin.

Our platform supports third-party payment gateways, such as PayPal and Alipay, and is the only foreign online payment system that is approved for use in China. At present, there are more than 20 banks and hundreds of merchants from China and Hong Kong that are in the application waiting list for IEXPAY’s system.


Our closed-loop payment system involves only the user, the merchant and IEXPAY without the need for any intermediary. The process flow is typically as per below :

  1. The user makes an online payment at a merchant’s shop through the payment gateway.

  2. The transaction details are sent to IEXPAY, which performs the payment transaction and settlement to the merchant.

Consumers perform the transaction payment to the merchants directly.
Both consumers and merchants need not involve any intermediary parties.
The processing of the transactions is simplified as there are only three parties.
The simplicity also makes the system attractive from a price perspective.

IEXPAY is in cooperation with Asiana Corporations Ltd (ASIC), a listed company in the United States. In June of 2016, we performed a 60% equity swap with ASIC in June 2016, which allowed the company to be fully developed.

ASIC executed a reverse takeover of IEXPAY and listed at the OTCQB stock market, leading to the distribution of Pink Sheets equity with the value of USD540 million. In October 2016, we will be officially launching our application of Pink Sheets equity worth USD5 million in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


There are various benefits that IEXPAY offers to our users and ASIC equity shareholders. From internal equity transfer and limited distribution of Pink Sheet equity to our automated platform of investment opportunities, IEXPAY makes certain that our users will not only have safe and secure funds transfers but also the chance to earn income and profits.

Brand-new online and offline payment transaction and settlement support system in the Asia Pacific region.
Reasonable transaction and administrative fees, and the utilization of Bitcoin and digital currencies.
Transparent, accountable and fair counter launched by Asiana Corporation (ASIC) equity exchange.
A wide variety of counters, ranging from travel, food and hotel to entertainment, casino and real estate.
A wide variety of counters, ranging from travel, food and hotel to entertainment, casino and real estate.
Opportunity to gain profits from direct members as well as revenues and dividends through investments.
The latest in internal equity transfer with limited distribution of Pink Sheet equity worth millions.
And much more!