Though similar to other payment gateway company’s, IEXPAY’s system is different in the sense that we utilize a closed loop payment platform.

Our closed loop payment system does not involve intermediary parties but instead, provides a direct relationship between our users and merchants. As the number of middlemen is significantly decreased, it simplifies the transaction process for both our users and the merchants. The lack of intermediaries also leads to inexpensive and competitive administrative and transaction fees.

Our payment platform is highly secure as the closed loop system:

  1. Significantly reduces the risk of fraud and allows for better personal and business funds protection.

  2. Provides greater visibility and transparency, effectively preventing fraudulent transactions.

  3. Secures foreign transactions for users and merchants who perform multi-currency transactions.

While IEXPAY is rapidly increasing our list of banks and merchants in China and Hong Kong, we are also developing in the Southeast Asian markets, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.


Shareholders that invest in Asiana Corporation (ASIC) equity are able to enjoy many investment benefits, such as IEXPAY Click-On Dividend.

Our Click-On Dividend Platform is a real-time counter that was recently launched by ASIC equity exchange. The counter lists a variety of deals with their respective interest rates.

Shareholders can utilize the Pink Sheet equity on-hand to click-on the interest rate deal and earn the daily dividend. IEXPAY will distribute the interest rates according to the different business nature and the daily revenue of the business.

All IEXPAY transaction counters will perform auto-settlement every 3 hours and the trading time is from 9:00am to 6:00pm as per Hong Kong Exchange trading time.

The deals in our counters comprise of 8 categories;


    Tourism tickets, air flight tickets, currency exchange and more.


    F&B chain stores, restaurants, bars, KTV lounge and more.


    Budget hotels, homestays, boutique hotels, resorts and more.


    Casino hotels, casino entertainment facilities, VIP rooms and more.


    Service apartments, condominiums and housing development.


    KTV chain stores, concert tickets, movie production and more.

  • MALL

    Varieties of shopping malls, retail stores, and more.


    Canned food, frozen food, vegetarian food, FMCG, drinks and more.


The share price of IEXPAY continues to increase due to our consistent growth in IEXPAY counters’ revenue and the addition of new shareholders. Our share price rises by USD0.01 when USD300 thousand equities are sold. However, our share value will increase even more after a share split.

A share split is when shares are divided into two or more new shares. For IEXPAY, a share split is a straightforward split with 2 new shares for every old share. Share split will occur when the share price increases from USD0.10 to USD0.19. The share price will return to USD0.10 after the share split.

Share price is USD0.10 Share price increase to USD0.19 Share split occurs Share price returns to USD0.10

After the share split occurs, the shares excluding the principal shares must be sold within a period of time.


Each shareholder will receive an additional 100% complimentary share allotment when they invest in ASIC equity. The extra shares can be used in the click-on deals or can be transferred to a new member to gain profits.

When a downline performs a click-on deal, the shareholder who sponsors the downline will earn a 20% profit. The profit gain will increase accordingly with the number of new direct downlines a shareholder manages to recruit.

It is important for shareholders to develop their downline associates as promoting the direct members will allow the shareholders to earn extra income as well as increase their profit margin.